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i put things i make here when they don't fit anywhere else.
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i bought a dvd of a hard to find movie i like a lot but the dvd is fucked so now this is a tribute to http://feathersalwaysmakepplattractive.tumblr.com/

it’s like the people on star trek who have the tech to make any sort of fantasy they want in a virtual environment but all they ever do is make bad shakespeare sets

why do people always say of fantasy games “you can be anything you can imagine, from a wizard to a warrior, even an assassin or a rogue” as if those things aren’t the most boring, unimaginative things to be


Boogie Woogie

(I’ve first resized and ‘exploded’ the animated GIF using http://gifmaker.me since the import via gifAnimation didn’t work and then copied those files into the data folder of my sketch; code here)

congratulations on putting a gif through a web site and turning it into dots

(via cross-connect)

andromeda off to a good start with maybe one of the worst special effects shots ive ever seen